Conference Microphones allow for the participation of all attendees at an event in a controlled manner. Sometimes referred to as Push to Talk, Delegate or Discussion Microphones, they ensure that whether a person is on a head table or within the main floor of an assembly, they can contribute to the event.

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Designed to effortlessly incorporate the interpretation channels being used, delegates can listen in to their language of choice without the need for separate IR receivers. For larger events, dual delegate mode can be used allowing for the sharing of Microphone Units between two attendees, each able to choose their own language and volume settings.

Pair Push To Talk Microphones with Electronic Name Plates and Automated Camera Systems to produce a slick, professional event where all can be seen and heard clearly.


More advanced microphone units allow for the use of delegate registration with chip cards thus giving you even more personalisation.

The in-built LCD screen can carry important conference information such as agenda, speaker lists and messages. Live voting can take place and event logos can be displayed.

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