We provide Simultaneous Interpretation and Conference Management Technology Solutions using our extensive stock of digital discussion systems, push-to-talk microphones, integrated interpretation equipment and associated technologies such as audience interaction and automated camera systems. 

These are run by our highly trained and experienced in-house team of technicians and backed up by a pool of trained freelancers.



Not sure about exactly what you require for your event? No problem! Let us talk you through what we can achieve for you and what results you can expect to see. We can advise of best industry practice, implications and together come up with the best solution. Alternatively, please feel free to browse through our pages here and learn more.

Meet Our Team

Alfred Onyango

SI Technician

Paul Bryan

General Manager

Mylene Trinidad

Finance & Admin

Christopher Wright

Technical Head

Vishnu Chowki

Sales Manager

Naveed Ahmad

SI Asst